South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy
Review of Criminology Degrees

Learn about South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy & the criminology degree programs offered as we review South Carolina's Criminal Justice Academy programs

As the only institute of its kind in the state, the SCCJA has its hands full with new recruits in the areas of law enforcement, telecommunications, and detention.

But that certainly doesn't mean they don't have time for you, too.

Founded in 1968, SCCJA has been working tirelessly to train the region's officers through a variety of programs and curriculums.

The goal of the academy is to prepare officers and operators for successful careers in the world of criminal justice by instilling in them values, knowledge, ethics, skills, and specialized abilities.

And it's a goal they reach, time and time again.

South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy: Program Overview

Unlike many other training academies around the country, the South Carolina CJA has a broad scope of programs available.

Many institutes work to train entry level police officers, corrections officers, and dispatch operators in the most basic ways to get them a foot in the door.

But South Carolina CJA provides a great deal more than that.

Within the Basic catalog, you will train in the following areas:

  • Basic Law
  • Basic Jail
  • TCO (Telecommunications Operation)
  • Limited Duty
  • Special Basic Class 1 Training

That right there would be enough to pique anyone's interest. Already, the list of basic programs exceeds those given by many other academies in the country. But there's more.

Among the list of Advanced programs available, you'll find:

  • Response to Gangs in the Community
  • Mid-Level Management
  • Criminal Gang Investigations
  • Human Trafficking
  • And much more

Aside from the Basic and Advanced catalogs, people can apply to become reserve officers--those who assist in the work of the academy. This means that there are many ways to become involved with the work of the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.

South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy: Review

It would be very easy to say that you and your employer should choose the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, because, frankly, it's the only one of its kind in South Carolina.

But fortunately for you, this is an institution that is absolutely worth your time, money, and attention.

For one thing, there is probably no other school in the world who is so forthright about how they operate.

There are no closed doors with the SCCJA. On the website, there are links to regularly published accountability reports that detail the organization's structure and purpose.

But even more revealing and unexpected than that, the South Carolina CJA posts a link that itemizes every single credit card purchase made by the school.

You can actually see what they're buying with the money they receive. That goes way beyond accountability and into the territories of executive transparency. And this is a tell-tale sign of an organization whose has nothing to hide and everything to share.

It is, strictly speaking, mandatory to attend SCCJA within twelve months of your hire by the state's law enforcement agencies.

But know that it's well worth your time. The facilities are great, the executive organization (as we've already seen) is honest and forthright, and the training you will receive is among the best in the country.

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