Average Salaries of Forensic Pathologist
Forensic Pathologist Salary

Want a high paying career? The salaries of forensic pathologist workers are 6 figures with great benefits. Discover the full forensic pathologist salary range.

If you want to become one, you can expect to live well while you work.

The forensic pathologist salary can be upwards of $100,000 for the experienced, and the forensic pathologist salary range can reach even higher for the most talented individuals in the field.

But in order to acquire one of those great salaries of forensic pathologist careers, you need to do your work.

You not only have to become qualified by getting the right degree, but you also have to be aware of the many responsibilities of a forensic pathologist.

In order for you to get your hands on that average salary of a forensic pathologist (or even more), we're going to talk a bit about what the duties of one are and how you can go about meeting the rigorous qualifications.

Salaries of Forensic Pathologist
Duties & Responsibilities

A forensic pathologist is called upon to study, interpret, and analyze seemingly unnatural deaths. Usually, this is in conjunction with the criminal justice system to work on a case.

Using your vast knowledge of the human anatomy, natural diseases, and unnatural causes of death, you will work hand in hand with law enforcement, crime scene investigators, forensic scientists, and the judiciary system to reach a conclusion about what caused a victim to die.

Some of the duties include:

  • Conducting autopsies
  • Testifying in a court of law
  • Working long hours (depending on the case)

If you are interested in becoming a forensic pathologist, there are a number of hurdles you have to first jump over, mostly dealing with getting educated and certified. Below, we'll talk a little bit more about those.

Forensic Pathologist Qualifications

First things first: you have to have the right education.

This usually means obtaining:

  • Bachelor's degree (in biology, preferably)
  • Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)
  • Completing a forensic pathology residency

Your residency will generally take four to five years and will include at least one rotation in forensic pathology.

Your Doctorate must come from medical school, which will require you to attend a campus-based institution.

You bachelor's degree, however, can come from a variety of places.

The most traditional route, of course, is to attend a four-year, physical college or university. This, though, can be absurdly costly and may disrupt your current lifestyle much more than you are willing to at first.

If this is the case, then consider earning your degree online. It's what I did to earn my paralegal certificate and never looked back.

There are a number of different online colleges and universities to choose from, and they're generally much less expensive than the traditional campus-centered institutions.

Some other benefits of online schooling include:

  • Making your own schedule
  • Staying at home with your family
  • Keeping your day job, if necessary

Find a School!

Think a career in criminology is for you?

Then start here & find a school for you!

The amazing salaries of forensic pathology careers are within your grasp. All you have to do is have the strength and patience to reach for them.

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