Getting Your Private Investigators License
Steps to Becoming a PI

Becoming a private investigator is hard work, but the career's salary is worth it! Learn how to get your bounty hunter or private investigators license

Not every region requires you to get your private investigators license, but it is generally a good idea to make sure you have one anyway.

There are seven states in the US in which you can work as a PI without getting officially licensed.

And while this may be okay if you're planning on simply getting some experience before taking your career further, it's best to be working with a license.

Why do you need a private investigator license when it isn't always necessary?

If you ever want to work in one of the big markets--in a metropolitan city or for a larger corporation--you'll certainly need a license.

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In order to become a sure-fire success in this field, a license is an absolute must-have.

And even if you plan on simply working for yourself in a place where a license isn't strictly necessary, remember that people only want to hire the best in the business.

With the advent of the Internet, consumers have a good deal more opportunity to research their potential hires. They can browse private investigator consumer reports and credentials before choosing someone to employ.

If you have all the training and education you can get your hands on--including a proper license--you'll have a much better chance of getting chosen by future clients.

Getting Your Private Investigators License Online

One of the best and easiest ways to get your official private investigator or bounty hunter license is by earning it online.

There are various websites from which you can train and take courses, preparing yourself to apply for a license.

And when it comes time to apply, you can do that from the Internet, too.

The web is full of fantastic resources, and getting your credentials all in order as a private investigator has never been easier.

Private Investigator Equipment

Beyond a license and proper credentials, the private investigator needs to have his or her hands on some important equipment.

The job is a diverse one, full of various types of activities you may be taking part in. Excellent preparation is the key to your success.

Some equipment is considered general, some falls under the spy gear category, and much of it comes in the form computer software. In today's ever-evolving digital age, computer utilities and programs are becoming more and more important to the work of the private investigator.

Here's a look at some of the more necessary private investigator equipment you should have on hand:

  • Audio and visual surveillance devices
  • Badges and pins
  • Email Spy and Realtime-Spy software
  • Dictation recorders

Private Investigator Salary

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You won't become rich as a private investigator, but if you're good at what you do, you can certainly earn a better than decent living.

The average annual salary for a PI hovers just above $50,000, which is fairly high in comparison to other salaries in the job market.

With excellent experience and good references, you can see that number rise closer to $100,000, and even beyond if you are at the top of the salary food chain.

Private investigators are usually paid by the hour, earning an average of $50 an hour.

This may sound like a small fortune, but you have to take into account that there may be days when you don't work at all. It depends on your client list and how busy you are.

The top end private investigators are able to charge $150 to $200 an hour. These PIs usually work for corporate businesses or financial institutions. This is a work field you may aspire to if you want to earn the biggest salary possible with a private investigator license in your wallet.

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