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Learn the best private investigator software & tools as we review various private detective & bounty hunter software used by Private Investigator contractors

One of the most important tools a PI can have is collection of private investigator software at his or her disposal.

We live in the digital age, where information is stored and streamed in real-time on computers, PDA's, cell phones, and other electronic devices.

What this means for the private investigator is that much of his or her work can be done from the comfort of the agency office.

With an arsenal of private investigator software, a detective can:

  • Search for offenders
  • Run background checks
  • Look for telephone numbers (both public and unlisted)
  • Create profiles of people and organizations
  • Conduct computer forensics investigations on suspect digital media

Gone are the days where the private detective trolls the streets, looking for leads or elusive eye witnesses. Today, a great deal of the investigative work can be done quickly on a personal computer.

Best Private Investigator Software

The number of private investigator tools & software programs available for detective use is numerous. Every day, it seems, there are dozens of more utilities, tools, and programs designed to make finding people, profiling people, and apprehending people easier.

The computer world is an ever changing, always evolving system that grows exponentially, all the time. The opportunities for computer-related crimes are constantly increasing. Fortunately, so are the opportunities to track down or prevent those crimes.

The computer-literate private investigator will have a battery of various programs he or she can use on various occasions, for various purposes.

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There are programs for:

  • Cell phone monitoring
  • Email spying
  • Real time detecting
  • Case indexing

To give you an idea of what some of these private investigator software tools are capable of, here's a look at a few of the most popular:

Email Spy

This software program is designed to allow you to secretly monitor incoming and outgoing email correspondence from a computer you have installed it on. Private investigators who are working to uncover infidelities often use Email Spy to get the job done quickly.


As one of the most top-notch programs, Realtime-Spy allows you to remotely install a surveillance system onto someone's computer. By checking a personal website, you will be able to see every key stroke, every mouse move, and every website visit that your quarry makes.

EZ Case Manager

This incredibly user-friendly and inexpensive program allows you to keep track of your work as a private investigator. It features status updates, logs, databases, and daily expense accounts for your day-to-day job. EZ Case Manager is an invaluable resource for the self-employed PI.

Bounty Hunter Software: Finding Your Man

Obviously, bounty hunters are on the lookout for more than just men. While statistically, the scales weigh most heavily on the male side, there are a great deal of women who have eluded capture, too.

Everyone who runs must be caught, and for the bounty hunter, there are several tools he or she can use towards that end.

These are a few private investigator software programs that are designed specifically for tracking people down (or, as the bounty hunters call it: skip-tracing):

  • E-Bounty Hunter - One of the most prolific skip-tracing software programs on the market.
  • Net Detective - This is a powerful web-search program that bounty hunters use to find missing persons.
  • Bounty Hunters Online - Not specifically a software program, Bounty Hunter Online is rather a web-based community for skip-tracers that offers an abundance of helpful resources.

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