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With the growing size and complexity of the Information Age comes a great deal of new private investigator resources available.

The computer world is a vast and intricate system of communications and information. This means that people who lead lives of crime have more opportunity to execute illegal activities.

It also means that those who are working to quell such illegal activities have more resources at hand.

There's a great amount of private investigator resources available on the web because of the evolving and expanding world of digital media.

Never has it been so easy for private detectives to do their work than today.

Best Private Investigator Resources

Gone are the hours of pavement pounding, the days of human resource interrogation, and the weeks and weeks of travel--by car, by boat, by plane, by train!

Now, with the click of a button, you can bring all the information you seek right to your computer, in the comfort of your own office or home.

What kinds of online resources are available for private investigators?

  • Databases
  • People search software
  • Online communities for sharing help

Best Private Investigator Software

There are a number of software programs developed to aid the private investigator in his or her job.

Some programs are created for helping the PI find people on the run, some are made to offer surveillance opportunities on other people's computers, and still others are meant to give private detectives the opportunity to perform background checks on individuals and organizations.

Here's a look at just a few of the most popular private investigator resources available in software form:

  • Email Spy - Allows you to see what emails are being sent and received from another person's computer.
  • Realtime-Spy - Allows you to see every action being performed on another's computer without having to physically install anything on it.
  • EZ Case Manager - Allows you to keep tabs on every aspect of your job.

Private Investigator Databases

Aside from software, there are some great resources that the Internet itself is capable of providing.

There are online communities in which you can share information with your fellow professionals, there are marketplaces from which you can purchase some handy private investigator equipment, and there are several databases that make searching for information a snap.

Among the many private investigator databases, Black Book Online and Net Detective are able to give you plenty of information regarding skip traces, phone directories, mail drops, criminal records, bankruptcies, reverse lookups, and a whole lot more.

Bounty Hunter Resources

The bounty hunter's job differs from the private investigator's in many ways, but it's also quite similar. These are private citizens who are employed to track down hard to find information regarding missing persons.

They use much of the same assistance as the PI, but are more focused on the people search resources available. Among them are databases, software, chat rooms, and informational forums designed to further the bounty hunter's ability to locate hard to find people.

One of the most comprehensive bounty hunter resources is a website called Bounty Hunters Online.

This series of pages has articles, software downloads, forums, and countless other resources aimed at making the job of the bounty hunter as stress-free as possible.

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