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If you're a private detective or bounty hunter, you must get private investigator insurance.

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The job is a danger--not just to your physical health, but your legal one as well--so private investigator insurance is an absolute must-have.

These days, people will take any opportunity to take you to court. It seems that you can be sued for just looking at someone the wrong way.

And the work of the private investigator--whose job it is to oftentimes pry into the lives of those who don't want your attention--is especially susceptible to such legal action.

Private investigating can also be a danger to your physical health.

There's a lot of travel involved, so the risk of accident is high. There may also be a fair share of confrontation with folks who aren't happy to see you. This means that you always need backup. And what's the kind of backup we're talking about? It's private investigator and bounty hunter insurance.

Whether you're working for a large corporation or simply for yourself, you need to make sure you have an up-to-date and comprehensive insurance plan to cover your every move.

Getting Private Investigator Insurance

How do you go about finding the right insurance as a PI?

Fortunately, there are groups and organizations whose job it is to rate insurance companies according to their financial stability.

You can visit these groups (such as AM Best and Moodys) online to see which insurance companies are the most qualified and highest rated.

Once you have a list of good groups to choose form, then you need to start looking to see that they have everything you need.

Some of the insurance coverage you should definitely have as a PI includes:

  • Commercial general liability
  • Personal injury/advertising injury
  • Assault and Battery
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Care, Custody, and Control

There are many more insurance options before you, and you should certainly take advantage of as many as you can. With a job like this one, you can never be too careful.

Private Investigator Liability Insurance: For Your Staff

If you are self-employed, you still need to make sure you have the proper insurance coverage for everything you do.

And just as important as your own coverage, if you have staff on the payroll (secretary, assistant, detective, etc.), you need to make sure they are covered, too.

Starting your own private investigation business isn't as easy as Hollywood makes it look.

You can't just pick up a gun and a badge and get to work. You have to make sure all your many ducks are in a neat row--and one of the most important ducks is called private investigator insurance.

Private Investigator Benefits

If you work for yourself, the sky's the limit as to the number of benefits you get as a private investigator--as long as you are willing to pay for them out of your own wallet.

Working for other companies and organization, your list of benefits can be long or rather short--it depends on what they offer.

In general, if you are employed with a private security firm or PI agency, you can expect to receive health and legal benefits like:

  • Medical, eye, dental insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Liability insurance
  • Worker's compensation insurance

Some companies--especially the top name groups in the business--will offer you a more comprehensive private investigator benefits package. Others that are smaller or less successful may offer you a reduced benefits package.

It's one of the main things to look for when you are deciding which private detective companies to apply to--what are the benefits?

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