Writing A Police Officer Resume
Samples & Objective for Cop Resumes

Creating a top notch police officer resume is essential to getting a job as a cop. Let me help you begin your career with these cop resume samples & objectives.

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Resumes are used by people throughout the professional world, acting as detailed calling cards that let a potential future employer know who you are, where you want to go with your career, how much experience you have, and what you will bring to a company.

Everyone from accountants, to administrative assistants, to attendants of gas stations must prepare an excellent resume that will catch an employer's attention.

And it's no different for those seeking careers in criminal justice or as a cop. In fact, it may be even more necessary to have an exceptional resume as a police officer, since character and a positive temperament are so important to the job.

Before you say anything, let me answer your question: yes, it is possible to display your personality and temperament in something as plain as your cop resume. And in truth, this should be something to strive for.

Let's take a look now at what goes into an outstanding police officer resume, and what you can do to stand out above the crowd.

Writing a Police Officer Resume

Every good resume has at least the basic categories included in its format. These include:

  • Personal Information
  • Objective
  • Profile
  • Experience
  • Education and Training

The personal information is pretty straightforward. This is the info that every potential employer should know right off the bat: your name, address, telephone (cell) number, and email address.

The next section is a bit difficult. This where a lot of people stumble in their resumes because they just aren't sure what to do.

Here's a hint: the resume objective is much shorter than you think! You don't need to write a personal essay here about your hopes and dreams. Just a simple statement will suffice.

The profile is the part of the resume that will help clue your future employer in on just who exactly you are. This is the spot where you get to brag about yourself. If you've won a competition in marksmanship, if you've studied law, or even if you have exceptional skills working as a member of a team--this is where you let people know what you are capable of.

The experience portion of your police officer resume should be reserved only for jobs you've had that directly relate to your desired position. If you flipped burgers in high school, you don't need to put that down here. But if you've worked in an office, legal, or law enforcement setting, then this where you want to show that off.

The section reserved for your education and training is pretty self explanatory. List every diploma or degree you've received, paying special attention to any coursework you did that would look good on a police officer resume.

While almost every resume has the same ingredients, it's up to you to make sure they stand out above the rest. Professionalism is absolutely key to a successful resume, but a little personality can go a long way.

Police Officer Resume Sample

If you're having trouble getting started with your own police officer resume, keep reading for the best police officer resume sample you can find on the Internet, right here at Criminology Degree.com.

I know, sometimes it's difficult to take that first step in writing the best resume. Just don't be afraid of looking to others for help and support.

Here's a sample cop resume that I wrote up. Don't copy it word for word. Just let it inspire you!

Personal Information:

Jane Doe

100 10th St SW

Albuquerque, NM 87100


  • Joan is a dedicated and detail-oriented professional seeking employment as a police officer in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area to serve and protect her community.


  • Enrolled in several criminal justice workshops at Albuquerque University
  • Natural leader with a proven track record of efficiency and results
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Exceptional understanding of various computer operating systems
  • Great deal of experience working around the community in a volunteer capacity


Police Officer, Las Cruces Police Department - Las Cruces, NM (20xx-20xx)

  • Assigned various areas to patrol
  • Directed traffic
  • Both vehicle and foot patrol
  • (List other detailed duties and responsibilities)

Education and Training

  • Southern New Mexico Community College - Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice (years attended)
  • Las Cruces High School - Diploma (years attended)
  • (List current or past programs, workshops, seminars, or other training sessions here that pertain to the job)

Hope that helps you write the best resume you can and start a career as a police officer!

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