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What's An Average Salary Of A Paralegal?

Interested in earning a paralegal salary? Learn my story about how I changed careers mid-life, why I'm happy with my paralegal career & what is an entry level paralegal income

If you are interested in earning a paralegal's income (or legal secretary salary), then you've come to the right place.

Read on for our resident Paralegal guest writer and her thoughts on salaries of Paralegals...

I made a career switch in my mid-40s to become a paralegal and have never looked back. With all my experience, I'll help you explore the average salary of a paralegal, the many duties we perform, and how you can go about getting hired as one.

What Is A Paralegal?
Salary & Job Description

paralegal with document

So what exactly is a paralegal or legal assistant?

In essence we serve all the same functions as lawyers except for the ability to offer legal advice, set up fees, and try a case in court. Other than those limitations, they are masters of the law.

And you can earn a pretty great living being one, too.

The paralegal average salary hovers around $40,000 a year with the potential to go upwards of $60,000 annually. It isn't a fortune, no, but it's a lot better than other jobs on the market of a similar nature.

So how do you go about earning that nice paralegal income?

Here's a look at some of the typical duties that are expected with an entry level paralegal salary:

  • Preparing document and reports
  • Summarizing legal documents
  • Checking forms for accuracy
  • Preparing correspondence
  • Research (in both legal issues and records)

It's a desk job, definitely, with a lot of paperwork. But you aren't just doing a job by being a paralegal; you are performing a service; a service that will lead to a better world through the serving of justice.

Find a School!

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Earning a Legal Secretary Salary

If you'd like to take home a paralegal salary, you'll need to be sure you are qualified first.

Here's a look at some of the skills necessary to become a paralegal or legal assistant:

legal secretary looks through documents

A Legal Secretary Looks Through Documents

  • Research performance
  • Interview techniques
  • Excellent writing and communication abilities
  • Work under time constraints
  • Computer knowledgeable
  • Great understanding of legal vocabulary and principles
  • Proofreading abilities with regards to legal documents

You will also have to get a paralegal certification or a bachelor's degree to get the job in today's market.

If you are one of those who would prefer to get a bachelor's degree before continuing on in your profession, bear this in mind: you have options.

Not only do you have options about where you can go to school, but also with regards to how you go.

A lot of people take the traditional route of attending a four year, campus based college or university.

However, this isn't always the best option--especially for those of us with homes, families, and a dependence on a regular paycheck. Raise your hands if that's you (mine's raised!).

For those people, there's online schooling, which is what I did to earn my paralegal salary & certification.

Find a School!

Think a career in criminology is for you?

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There are a number of online colleges and universities that offer degrees that you can get by attending classes on the web. It's a great option for people like me and you who were looking to change their lives without disrupting them.

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