5 Best Online Criminal Justice Schools
Online Criminology Colleges

Expert opinions & reviews on the 5 best online criminal justice schools. Learn what online criminology college you should attend to get a criminology degree

The good news is that there are enough online criminal justice schools available for you to attend to find the perfect fit for your professional needs.

As far as cost of tuition, specialty focus, requirements, and advanced education goes, you can pair yourself with a web-based institution that will suit you to a T.

The bad news is that there are far too many online criminal justice schools available. It can take you a long time to sift through the pages and pages of schools that offer degrees or certificates in criminal justice.

But then again, that's not really that bad, is it?

Top 5 Online Criminal Justice Colleges

Here's a brief look at the five best online forensic science schools, online paralegal schools, and overall online criminal justice schools. Use this information as a primer to get you going on your own search for the best online college or university for your future career in the justice system.

Everest College

  • Degrees Offered: Associate, Bachelor, and Master
  • Course Focuses: Criminology, Criminal Evidence, Criminal Procedure, Corrections, Policing, Constitutional Law, Management, Computer Application, Ethics, and more.
  • Why Choose Everest? - With full accreditation, Everest College is a great first step in your criminal justice career. The focus is on academics here, but they take a lot of time and effort to make sure each and every student is well cared for. This balance of scholastic excellence and positive interpersonal interaction keeps Everest in the top five best online forensic schools.

Keiser University

  • Degrees Offered: Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, and Master of Arts
  • Course Focuses: Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Juvenile Procedures, Victimology, White Collar and Organized Crime, Alternative Punishment, and more.
  • Why Choose Keiser? - Not only does Keiser have a great reputation for employing graduates in well placed positions in their chosen field, but it has an incredibly convenient schedule to work with. New classes begin every month, so you can stagger your work load while you study from home.

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Rasmussen College

  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor and Master
  • Course Focuses: Client Services/Corrections, Criminal Offenders, Homeland Security, Investigation/Law Enforcement, Psychology
  • Why Choose Rasmussen? - Perhaps no other online college has such a large number of highly specialized professionals teaching their students. The faculty at Rasmussen is rated among the best for their expertise and their willingness to help students make that first step from the world of academia into the world of criminal justice.

University of Phoenix

  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration, Bachelor of Science in Organizational Security and Management, Master of Science in Administration of Justice and Security
  • Course Focuses: Management, Human Services, Institutional Health Care, Administration, Criminology, Forensic Procedure
  • Why Choose Phoenix? - The University of Phoenix is probably the most well-known online school of the bunch, and not just because of their marketing team. The school offers top notch degrees that are suited specifically to the management and administration sides of criminal justice. This means more leadership roles in the law and order system and higher paychecks.

Colorado Technical University

  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Science and Master of Science
  • Course Focuses: Criminal Justice, Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Human Services
  • Why Choose CTU? - By earning your online criminal justice degree from Colorado Tech, you'll experience fantastic opportunities for one-on-one communication with a professional in your chosen field. It can be difficult to have a working relationship with your teachers or mentors online, because you may never see them face-to-face. At Colorado Tech, though, they go the extra mile to make sure all your questions get answered.

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