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Whether you want to become a lawyer, police officer, corrections worker, legal aide, or judge, it's a good idea to do some research before you dive into your studies.

Online Criminal Justice Degrees
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Below are a number of articles that will help you discover more about criminal justice degrees, majors, scholarships, academies, courses, and the great benefits of studying at a web-based college or university.

Criminal Justice Masters Degree

Earning a master degree in criminal justice is important if you want to join the managerial, administrative, or policy-changing ranks in the system of Law and Order. There are plenty of masters programs for earning an online criminal justice degree...

But you have several options when it comes to picking exactly master degree to earn. You can get a Master of Public Administration, Master of Arts, or Master of Science in a variety of areas of criminal justice.

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Criminal Justice Courses

There are a great many criminal justice courses you'll have to take before earning your degree. This is true for whether you're obtaining a campus degree or an online criminal justice degree. Some classes are general requirements that everyone must take, like:

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Introduction to Emergency Management
  • and Ethics in Criminal Justice

Other classes will be suited specifically to your chosen field.

For instance, future lawyers, police officers, and correctional officers all need to participate in courses designed for the direction of their particular career paths.

Criminal Justice Majors

Criminal justice is the study of criminal behaviors and the measures society takes to keep the community safe. Those who want a career in the field must be prepared to do some work.

The first thing you need to do is go back to school and earn your degree in criminal justice.

You can do this cheaply and easily by attending a web-based college or university. While campus programs are fantastic experiences, the most cost effective route is earning an online criminal justice degree.

As a criminal justice major, you'll have to rely on your perseverance, time management skills, and desire to succeed to get you through the courses and programs. But once you have that education in your back pocket, your future in the world of Law and Order will by wide open.

Criminal Justice Associate Degree Online

Some people want to get started on their careers as soon as possible. But because most organizations require at least some college education, a degree is still necessary to begin with.

Fortunately, by getting a criminal justice associate degree online, it won't take too long to get the ball rolling.

If you decide later on that you want your career to grow by furthering your education, you can always work towards a bachelor, master, or doctorate degree. But an associate degree will certainly get your foot through the door.

Online Criminal Justice Schools

Because criminal justice is such a popular field of study in today's world of post-secondary education, most schools offer degrees in criminology.

Whether you want to attend a campus-based school or a web-based one, you are sure to come across an institute that offers what you need.

If you decide to go the Internet route, here's a lineup of the top five schools that offer online criminal justice degrees:

  • Everest College
  • Keiser University
  • Rasmussen College
  • University of Phoenix
  • Colorado Technical University

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Maine Criminal Justice Academy

The Maine Criminal Justice Academy offers programs for both corrections officers and law enforcement officers.

The two main training courses offered are:

  • BLEPT - Basic Law Enforcement Training Program
  • BCOR - Basic Corrections Training Program

Graduates from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy are among the most well-trained, well-educated enforcers in the country.

Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy

Whether you're studying to become a police officer, judicial officer, dispatch operator, or officer of animal services, getting your training at Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy is a sure-fire bet for future success.

The CCJA is located in the Roanoke Valley, near the city of Salem, Virginia. This is an institution that puts equal emphasis on intellectual and physical coursework, making sure you are ready both in body and mind to accomplish your duties to the absolute best of your abilities.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

John Jay is located in New York City--the 'center of the universe.'

Unlike other criminal justice academies in the country, this is an actual liberal arts collegethat offers educational programs leading to a bachelor or master degree in criminology.

Immerse yourself in the study of your future career path at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and you'll find that you've already come halfway down the road to success.

PhD in Criminal Justice

If you want to become an elite member of the criminal justice system, think about earning a doctorate degree in the field. This requires more schoolwork, of course, but the rewards are boundless.

With a PhD in criminal justice, you'll find yourself equipped to handle any high profile job you want to take. But you can also go a different route with a doctorate--you can teach the future generations of crime fighters. With a PhD you can work as a professor at the university level and leave your highly educated mark on the law enforcers of tomorrow.

Master Degree in Criminal Justice

If you want to become a lawyer, district attorney, detective, warden, or Homeland Security administrator, you're going to need to get your master degree in criminal justice.

A master degree will help you achieve those high-paying, high-responsibility jobs in the areas of administration, management, and supervision. Criminology employees with a master's are those who take charge, create change, and design the face of the future.

South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy

The SCCJA is the only institute of its kind in the whole of the state--and it's the only one that's needed. By training with this academy you will be exposed to all of the basic programs offered by the majority of similar institutions in the country, but you will also have the opportunity to train in advanced programs.

The school itself is governed by highly responsible, reputable, and accountable figureheads. Every penny that gets spent from the school's budget is available for investigation by any member of the public.

Indiana Criminal Justice Institute

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute is an organization that both trains the region's law enforcement officers and implements programs within the area that are designed to make the community safer.

Some of the many programs offered by the ICJI include: Office on Violence Against Women, Indiana Meth Watch, and Juvenile Services.

Criminal Justice Scholarships

There are criminal justice scholarships available to just about everyone. No matter what your nationality, age, religion, or organizational affiliation may be, you can be sure that there's an award out there waiting for you to collect.

Sometimes scholarships are given by private companies. For these, you'll want to scour the Internet's many websites devoted to financial aid.

Other times, the school itself will offer monetary awards for their students' exceptional potential. These should be listed on your school's web page. If not, be sure to talk to a counselor or advisor about the possibility of getting some scholarship help.

Whether you plan to earn an online criminal justice degree or get your education through a traditional campus setting, with just a little investigation you should be able to find scholarships to help you meet your education goals. And since you want a career in criminology, investigating is a skill you should already enjoy!

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