Maine Criminal Justice Academy
Review of Criminology Degree Programs

Maine Criminal Justice Academy offers many criminology degree programs. Learn how alumni do & what careers in criminal justice you can pursue with a degree

The Academy is an institution where cadets, enforcers, and administrators in the state's policing and corrections divisions can reach higher professional standards in an educational setting.

The doors of the Academy didn't open until 1972, but the road to its success was paved in the late 1960s when the Federal Law Enforcement Assistance Agency made funding available to the state.

By training the state's best criminal justice employees in a number of different programs, the Maine Criminal Justice Academy is ensuring future generations of top notch officers of the law.

They promote peace, welfare, and protection for the community through their educational services.

Maine Criminal Justice Academy: Programs and Offerings

The Academy is not a standard college or university. There are no associate, bachelor, master, or doctorate degree available through their curriculum. But the completion of the program is just as important to the future of each student--or cadet.

There are two basic programs offered by the Academy, among other service opportunities, to train cadets. These programs are:

  • Basic Law Enforcement Training Program (BLETP)
  • Basic Corrections Training Program (BCOR)

The BLEPT is a program that lasts for 18 weeks and trains the cadet in a variety of areas, from academics and field operations to office work and command relationships.

With equal focus on protocol, ethics, innovation, and strategy, the BLEPT is an indispensible part of the cadet's mental and physical professional preparation.

The BCOR is a much shorter program than the BLEPT, but no less significant. It was created to help employees understand the challenges involved with the ever-changing face of the corrections system.

For a more specialized curriculum, the BCOR also offers a Juvenile Correctional Officers Training suited for those who work with underage inmates.

Beyond these two programs, this criminal justice academy also offers opportunitiesfor in service training for high ranking officers and the Law Enforcement Pre-Service (LEPS) course.

Maine Criminal Justice Academy: Review

The MCJA certainly isn't the only institution of its kind, but it is definitely one of the best.

The current facility was purchased in the early 1990s and offers such fantastic perks as:

  • 18,000 square foot indoor training structure
  • Cutting edge exercise rooms
  • Indoor running track
  • Lecture hall, computer lab, classrooms
  • Housing
  • On site dining

But the Academy is so much more than a top notch facility. The programs offered are among the best in the country and the graduates go on to achieve great heights in their careers.

The instructors are experts in their field, the board of directors is only interested in improving the Academy's reputation and programs, and the cadets are trained with maximum professionalism.

If you are employed in the justice system and looking to take your career to the next level, you'd do well to give the Maine Criminal Justice Academy a bit of your time and attention.

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