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Criminology Programs & Degrees

Discover John Jay College of Criminal Justice's criminology degree programs with our review of undergrad & graduate degrees in John Jay's criminology school

Students and criminology professionals from around the world have come to the John Jay College of Criminal Justice to further their careers and broaden the scopes of their futures.

Internationally recognized for their excellence in academics, John Jay is a school that offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in various areas of criminal justice.

The school is located in mid-Manhattan, in New York City, considered by many to be the social, political, economic, and educational capitol of the world.

Being in the middle of the universe, as it were, the John Jay College of Criminal Justice offers much more than a few years of career guidance--it offers a glimpse at the biggest melting pot of professional people in the world.

You'll get much more than an education at John Jay. You'll get a head start on the future.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Educational Programs

Unlike many of the nation's criminal justice academies, John Jay Criminal Justice program is a fully functional liberal arts school that offers courses designed to earn you a bachelor or master degree in your chosen criminology field.

This is a school devoted to the pursuit of excellence in education, research, and service.

Whereas an academy setting might force you to take in a whole lot of information in a very short amount of time, at John Jay you have the luxury of taking your time and really getting a grasp on the intricacies of criminal justice training.

Among your options for an undergraduate degree at John Jay, there are Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in many areas, including:

  • Criminology
  • Fire and Emergency Service
  • Culture and Deviance Studies
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Judicial Studies

And the list goes on and on. No matter which division of the criminal justice system you choose to become a part of, there's a department tailor-made for you at John Jay.

If you already have an undergraduate degree and are looking to advance your education with a master degree in criminal justice, you have these choices:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Forensic Computing
  • Forensic Mental Health Counseling
  • International Crime and Justice
  • And 6 more

John Jay's Criminal Justice program has a great many fingers in a great many pies, offering you a specialized education for whichever sector of the Law and Order world suits you best.

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John Jay College of Criminal Justice: Review

There are so many reasons why it would be advantageous for your career and your future to get your criminology degree from John Jay College, and a only a few negatives.

Let's start with the drawbacks:


  • No dormitories available for students
  • High cost of living in Manhattan

Did you notice how neither of the drawbacks has anything to do with the school itself? This is a fantastic college that will truly help you become exactly what you want to be.

And as far as student housing goes, even though they don't provide dorms, they do have assistance programs that help place you in an affordable living situation, either within the city itself or in nearby locations.

But enough about the bad, let's get on with the good.


  • Expert faculty members
  • Extraordinary versatility in education
  • Great percentage of students move on to good-paying jobs
  • You can minor in one subject while majoring in another

No matter what you want to do with your career in the criminal justice system, John Jay College of Criminal Justice will help you get there. Take a look for yourself--you can't help but agree.

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