Indiana Criminal Justice Institute
Review of Criminology Degrees

Learn about Indiana Criminal Justice Institute & the criminology degree programs offered with our Indiana Criminal Justice Institute's criminology school review

The ICJI is the foremost agency in the state involved with the planning and execution of training new officers and putting into operation programs that increase the safety of the citizenry.

Run by a board of trustees that includes the highest profile employees in Indiana's criminal justice system, the ICJI is an institution that really knows what a student needs to be exposed to and how they should be trained to best of their abilities.

Indiana Criminal Justice Institute: Offered Programs

There is a fantastic array of programs included in the ICJI's curriculum.

Some of the topics covered in your education and career include:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug and Crime Control
  • Victim Services
  • Youth Services
  • Traffic Safety

The Domestic Violence division works tirelessly to maintain the safety of the community by preventing and assessing domestic abuse in the state.

Officers are trained to recognize the signs of violence in the home and act accordingly on the job as per the outline of their duties.

The Drug and Crime Control division is devoted to the improvement of Indiana's criminal justice system with regards to organization and collaboration in the worlds of violent crime and illicit drugs.

Under this banner, there also exists the Indiana Meth Watch program which was designed to fight the good fight against methamphetamine sales and abuse.

Victim Services is focused on the physical and emotional well being of those who have been affected by crime, both violent and non-violent. Within this division, you'll find the OVC (Office for Victims of Crime) and the OVW (Office on Violence Against Women).

The Youth Services department deals with the criminal justice system as it pertains to those who are not legally adults. From juvenile detention to student awareness, there are a number of programs available for officer training and implementation within the community.

Traffic Safety is one of the most vital branches of this organization. They are tasked with the duty of designing programs to reduce the number of people who are injured or killed in traffic accidents every year.

Through a vast number of different training scenarios and community programs, this division seeks to make Indiana's roads as safe as can be.

But the ICJI isn't limited to just those five areas of study. Beyond them, you can train in some of the institute's other divisions, like:

  • Commercial Drivers' Training
  • Substance Abuse Services
  • Victim Compensation
  • Research and Planning

Indiana Criminal Justice Institute: Review

This is not so much a school as it is an organization. The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute is a vast umbrella that covers much of the state's criminology divisions.

New recruits are brought in for specialized training in various areas and then given the duty of helping the rest of the state law enforcement agencies implement plans and programs to make the region a safer and more peaceful place to live.

The ICJI does more good than can ever be accounted for. If you have the opportunity as an Indiana law enforcer to spend some time training under the roof of the ICJI, you'll find yourself studying the halls of greatness.

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