Ghost Investigators
Job Description of Paranormal Investigators

Yes, ghost investigators & hunters exist (not just in the movies) and can be lucrative careers. Learn how to become a professional paranormal investigator .

Most ghost hunters are groups or clubs of people who work together to gather evidence (or lack thereof) of paranormal presences or occurrences in certain environments.

There are no set guidelines for paranormal investigator training, so it is hard to determine which course of action you should take if you want to become one or want to further your career in the ghost adventures field.

Paranormal Investigators: True Careers

Believe it or not, ghost hunters base their work on scientific methods. These are not psychics or mediums, but actual technicians who work with high-tech electronic equipment to study the paranormal world and its effect (if any) on our own.

Because of a handful of successful reality-based shows centered around the exploits of ghost hunters, this industry is becoming very popular.

In fact, there are even programs at such prestigious institutions as Princeton University and the University of Edinburgh in Perceptual Studies and Parapsychology.

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But you certainly don't need a college degree to become a paranormal investigator.

Paranormal Investigators: On the Job

Ghost hunters are employed to study a variety of different phenomena or occurrences, including:

  • Strange noises
  • Floating Objects
  • Hauntings

In order to investigate these events fully, the ghost investigator uses several pieces of equipment to gather evidence.

Here's a brief look at a few ghost hunter tools:

  • Electric Magnetic Field (EMF) Readers
  • IR Temperature Meters
  • Night Vision Cameras
  • Portable Audio Recorders
  • Infrared Cameras

More often than not, a paranormal investigator will take the easiest course of action, which is called the Disapproval Method. This is where you try to find a source of activity that has nothing to do with the concerns of the employer. For instance, using the Disapproval Method, a ghost investigator can discover that that ghastly screams in the middle of the night are actually coming from a loose pipe connected to the water heater.

Ghost hunters are not necessarily meant to prove the existence of paranormal activity. Rather, they are employed to help give people peace of mind and a good night's rest.

Salaries of Ghost Hunters

Unfortunately, though probably expectedly, ghost investigators don't make very much money on average.

A lot of clubs or paranormal societies do this sort of thing for fun, and therefore don't charge any money at all for their work. This, of course, doesn't help the professional make a living.

There are ways, however, for ghost investigators to earn annual salaries, though they aren't very easy to come by.

Some of these include:

  • Teach ghost hunting classes
  • Become a media consultant
  • Create a membership-supported Internet presence
  • Develop a television or web series about your exploits

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Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to make a living doing the actual investigation of paranormal occurrences. You have to make it on the side with periphery work.

If this is something you would love to do, then go for it! Just do yourself a favor and keep your day job.

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