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Degrees in Forensic Nursing

Discover the best forensic nursing schools & online programs for becoming a forensic nurse. Read about courses you take to get a degree in forensic nursing

Take the time to examine your many options regarding forensic nursing programs & schools

Unfortunately, this is not a profession that you can simply dive into, head first. You need to have proper schooling and training to become a forensic nurse.

Fortunately for you, there are countless forensic nursing schools to choose from. You just need to do the research to find the perfect match for you.

Forensic Nursing Schools:
Degree & Education Needed for Forensic Nursing

Earning your forensic nursing degree is essential to joining the profession. A career in criminal investigation requires a lot of hard work in the preparatory stages.

There are a couple of different degrees you can work towards when becoming a nurse in the field of forensics. Two of them are:

  • Forensic nursing degree
  • Legal nurse consulting degree

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You can earn these degrees in a number of ways from various institutions. Below, we'll discuss your many options, and tell you about one in particular that will allow you to shift career gears without disrupting your daily life.

Forensic Nursing Courses

While attending a forensic nursing school, you'll be required to participate in a variety of courses aimed at preparing your for your new career.

Some of the various forensic nursing programs you will attend include:

  • Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
  • Models and Theories of Nursing Practices
  • Sexual Assault Examination
  • Nursing Turnover Management
  • Philosophy of Nursing Science

Because it is important that the forensic nurse has a foot in each of two separate worlds--the medical and the criminal justice systems--you must have a working knowledge of both in order to do the job correctly.

This means that you will have to earn your degree or certificate by learning the ins and outs of general nursing practices as well as the workings of the criminal investigation profession.

Most forensic nurses—though certainly not all of them—work as sexual assault nurse examiners (or SANE). To become a SANE you’ll need to go the extra mile with your training and education, working to earn special credentials in the form of a certificate.

Within the world of SANE, you can go to school to become a SANE-A or a SANE-P. Earning a SANE-A certificate will allow you to examine adolescents or adults. This is the most common certification. Becoming a SANE-P is a bit more difficult. Because SANE-P nurses work with pediatrics, their training is a bit more extensive.

But no matter which path you decide to take, you must know that education and training are top priorities with this career.

Getting a Degree in Forensic Nursing

Before you can study to become a forensic nurse, most programs require that you become a registered nurse first. So make sure that this is a top priority for you.

Once you are ready to move from registered nursing into the realms of a forensic nursing career, you'll have to choose an institution of learning.

This is oftentimes a very difficult choice.

For those of you who are making mid-career shifts later in life, perhaps the easiest way to go about getting your training is by attending an online college or university.

There are many benefits to choosing an Internet-based institution over a campus-based one, including:

Flexible Schedule

You can study when you are able by taking classes online. A flexible class schedule is the best way to get your training without disrupting your current lifestyle.

Cheaper Tuition

Because you're not paying for many of the special fees associated with campus colleges, including room and board, you can save a lot of money by going the online route.

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Keep Your Day Job

It's almost impossible in today's economic climate to be out of work for any amount of time, even when you're working towards a new career. By going to a web college, you can stay working while you shift your professional life.

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