Average Forensic Nursing Salary
Wages for Forensic Nurse Careers

A forensic nursing salary can be over 6 figures! Learn the average forensic nursing wages for any career point -- from entry level forensic nursing jobs on up!

It's still a fairly new profession, so the forensic nursing salary spans a wide range.

And because it's specialty-focused, this range will probably widen to even larger degree before it has finally reached a steady medium.

If you are interested in becoming a forensic nurse you can expect to make anywhere from a decent living to a better than good one.

But such a paycheck comes at a price: the hours are long, the duties are many and varied, and the work is difficult.

This certainly isn't a job for everyone, but if you have a gift for helping people, if you want to make a difference in the world of law and order, and if you are good at paying close attention to detail, then this may be just the career path for you.

Forensic Nurse Salary
How Much do Forensic Nurses Make?

While the numbers may be subject to change in the near future, it's a good idea to take a look at what a forensic nursing salary may mean for you right now.

  • The Low End - $25 dollars an hour, or about $50,000 per year
  • The High End - $100 an hour, or about $200,000 per year

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This, of course, is an estimation of forensic nurse salaries. There are many different factors that go into these numbers. For instance, it's near impossible to determine what you might make working overtime hours or spending time on-call.

One of the reasons the range is so wide is because the forensic nurse can have many different focuses. Someone with a more specialized field (like psychiatry or legal consulting) may make more money per year than someone with a more general focus.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, though, the job market for forensic nursing has an extremely positive outlook.

It's still a growing field and new jobs are becoming available at a steady rate. This means that as the years pass and more positions become available, the pay range will broaden. The high end will get higher with the creation of more expert fields.

But as long you stay at the forefront of the industry, staying on top of your education and training, you can work to maintain a spot in the high end.

Is a Forensic Nursing Career For You?

But the real question is this: is a forensic nursing career for you?

As mentioned, this isn't a job for just anyone. If you don't have a background already in nursing, that won't stop you from becoming a forensic nurse, but it will definitely take longer for you to climb the ranks.

Forensic nurses work closely with officials in both the criminal justice and health care systems to help solve cases of abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violent crimes.

They offer their services to victims and perpetrators alike, and must uphold the values of every medical professional as well as adhere to the practice of criminal law.

This isn't an easy job. But it can be a rewarding one. As long as you work hard and have the desire and motivation to excel in the field, you can achieve that high end and earn a forensic nursing salary that will allow you to live very comfortably.

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