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Want a criminal justice career? Learn what criminal justice courses you need, including options for criminal justice online courses to get a criminology degree

You may not have expected it, but the sheer number of different criminal justice courses you can take in school is staggering.

For those of us who aren't already pursuing or participating in a career in criminology, our ideas of the education and training involved may be a bit skewed.

You watch the TV shows, you sit in front of the movies, you read the books, and you flip through the comics. You see near-superhuman men and women doing everything by themselves.

You don't see the training, the schooling, and the time spent learning everything a CSI member knows.

Sadly, in real life, people aren't born with the necessary know-how to succeed in their chosen fields. A lot of work goes into becoming a productive member of the criminal justice system.

And that means taking a lot of criminal justice college courses. A lot more than you ever thought there could be.

Criminal Justice Degree Courses: The Requirements

forensic scientist in the lab

A Forensic Scientist Works in a College Lab

Obviously, there are countless different positions within the world of criminology. In order to become a district attorney, detective, forensic scientist, prison warden, or probation officer, you will need specialized training that will help you excel in your field.

But in the beginning, everyone has to take the same courses. Just as a million unique trees grow from the same soil, each member of the CSI team has related roots.

If you decide to go back to school and earn your degree from an Internet-based institution, you can expect to have to take these criminal justice online courses:

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Introduction to Emergency Management
  • Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice
  • Ethics in Criminal Justice

You may also find yourself taking these other courses as prerequisites for future programs:

  • Principles of Security Management
  • Introduction to Homeland Security
  • Principles of Public Safety Investigation
  • History of Violence in American Society
  • And many more

In other words, criminal justice academics cover a vast amount of ground, and you'll be called upon to participate in much of it. But if this is a career you are excited about, you won't have a problem hitting the books to reach your goal.

Criminology Courses: Branching Off

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Once you've had the opportunity to take in all of the introductory courses and you've met the requirements, you can begin to focus in on a specialty that you're enthusiastic about.

With a criminal justice degree, you can become a forensic technician, lawyer, police officer, warden, or even a judge.

Your options are wide open.

Whichever path you decide to take, you'll be able to enroll in upper level criminal justice courses that will train you in your specific field.

Let's take a look at a small sampling of which courses you might be taking if you decide to become a lawyer, police officer, or warden.


  • Criminal Law and the Legal Process
  • Courts and the Criminal Justice System
  • Research Methods in Criminal Justice

Police Officer

  • Criminal Procedure and Evidence
  • Police Administration
  • Policing in American Society


  • Corrections, Probation, and Parole
  • Essentials of Security
  • Correctional Case Management

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