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Computer Forensics Field Careers

Computer forensics jobs are everywhere!

This field is hot! Start your computer forensics investigator career with private companies, the police or the FBI today

As the digital revolution expands and evolves, the number of computer forensics jobs available is increasing at a rapid rate.

If this is a career that interests you, you can be sure there will be plenty of job opportunities out there in the computer forensics field.

First things first, though: what is computer forensics?

In this day and age, crimes are being committed more and more often with the aid of computers or other digital media.

Theft, fraud, and terrorism can be executed through the use of such devices. But they can also be detected through them, too.

It is the job of the computer forensics specialist--working in conjunction with the rest of the expansive crime scene investigation team--to identify, recover, and analyze digital evidence found on computer hard drives to help further an investigation.

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To do this, the computer forensics specialist may employ a variety of different techniques, tactics, and tools.

Computer Forensics Job Description

As a member of the computer forensics team, you can hold a number of different titles and positions:

  • Security Analyst
  • Software Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Information Risk Management Associate

The world of computer crime is a complex system. It takes more than one person to recover evidence for a crime scene investigation. And it takes more than one person to manage those others.

If you are looking for a career in computer forensics, your options are wide open.

Computer Forensics Careers

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A person with a computer forensics career is usually a member of one of five different sectors: law enforcement, financial, military, education, and consultation.

Let's take a closer look at these to give you an idea of what you may have in store for yourself if you are thinking of going after one of the many computer forensics jobs available.

Law Enforcement

Crime scene investigation units at the city, county, state, and federal level are always in need of computer forensics technicians to work cases that deal with computer-related crimes.


Many financial institutions employ computer forensics experts for preventative and evidence-gathering purposes.

A large number of computer-related crimes are committed in the world of finance, and it is up to the forensics team to make sure they are noticed and stopped.


The computer forensics expert in the military is generally used for intelligence gathering and relaying, though they are also employed to quell internal digital crime.


With enough experience, a computer forensics specialist can join the world of academia. You can teach courses, train recruits, write books, or offer one-on-one help to future forensics candidates.


Many people who have a good deal of professional experience under their belts, may decide to become consultants. These private sector workers join the ranks of a computer forensics company and rent themselves out on a case by case basis, always maintaining their free agent status.

Consulting is the most profitable of all computer forensics careers.

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Because today's world is focused and dependent so much on digital technology, you can get a computer forensics job in almost every corner of the market. Some companies are created just for the purpose of offering digital forensics help while others simply have their own computer forensics departments.

As technology advances and computers evolve, so does the amount of crime being committed.

What does this mean for you? It means plenty of job security in any sector you want, if you decide on a career doing one of the many existing computer forensics jobs.

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