Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy
Review of Criminology Degrees

Learn about Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy's criminology degree programs with this review of CCJA's criminology school

Since it was founded in 1983, the Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy has become the foundation for the success of more than 3,000 Virginia-area law enforcers.

By attending Cardinal, you'll have the opportunity to be professionally trained as:

  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Court Services Officer
  • Animal Control Officer
  • Dispatcher

Located in the Roanoke Valley of Virginia, in the city of Salem, the CCJA is housed in what was once an elementary school.

Over the years, however, numerous changes and renovations have taken place to create a truly advanced training facility.

Although it has only been in operation for a few decades, the CCJA is one of the top schools for training in the region. It is the temporary home of officers of the law with great hopes and bright futures.

Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy
Courses and Programs

Unlike some of this academy's competition--Cardinal is just one of ten similar institutions in Virginia--the focus for officer training is broad.

This isn't a school meant just for police officer personnel. There are also courses and programs for court services, jail services, dispatching, and animal control.

Here's a peek at some of the programs Cardinal offers to recruits and cadets:

  • Animal Control Basic
  • Police Cyclist
  • Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT)
  • Advanced Tactics
  • Dispatch Training

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The CCJA spends a good deal of time with cadets focusing on the academic sides of the job, making sure every graduate is incredibly familiar with officer protocols and job duties.

That being said, Cardinal places a great amount of pride in the physical preparation and training they give to each student, as well.

The physical training program is rigorous, but not impossible.

You should already be in fairy good shape before you arrive. But even if you aren't, Cardinal is able to provide students with preliminary workout packages that will help cadets prepare for the first week of training.

There are several advanced courses available, but for the most part, the Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy focuses on training new recruits. They take agencies' fresh hires and prepare them for the world of criminal justice through mental and physical training courses and team-building programs.

Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy: Review of School

What makes this school great isn't necessarily the facility itself or the vast expertise of the faculty, but rather the versatility of the training offered.

You don't attend Cardinal simply to get a certificate in target practice or first aid. Rather, you are there to get a full, rounded education about the many aspects of the jobs.

With their focus and attention on your physical well-being, you can be certain to keep your body in perfect working order, no matter what challenges you may face on the job.

With their advanced programs in tactics and rapid response, you can be secure in knowing your duties as an officer of the law, no matter what situation you may find yourself in.

Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy is also more than just a school set up in the Roanoke Valley--it also has a distance learning program.

Through the Internet, your employers can sign you up to take a great variety of courses, including:

  • Animal Control In-Service
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Dealing with Combative Inmates

You can even earn a number of re-certifications through Cardinal On-Line. This is a great way to further your education and career while remaining on the job.

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