Become a Crime Scene Investigator
Become A Criminal Investigator

Learn how you can become a crime scene investigator! Start your top paying, stable career with an online, criminology degree & become a criminal investigator

The road to become a criminal investigator is not nearly as bumpy as one might think.

So many are scared to take the plunge and change their life to become something new. And rightfully so! 10 years ago, changing a career means quitting your day job, dipping into savings, and taking a huge risk.

But take a deep breath, we have a secret for you: Changing careers now is easier than ever thanks to online schooling.

If you are looking to change gears in your life to become a criminalist, forensic scientist, paralegal, or something else entirely, just know this:

It can be done.

Find a School!

Think a career in criminology is for you?

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In the following sections, we'll discuss how you can become a crime scene investigator and all the choices and options that are spread out before you.

How to Become a Criminal Investigator

Before you do anything else, you need to make a decision. And it's a rather large decision at that.

You need to decide what it is you want to do.

In all honesty, crime scene investigatorĀ is not really an official position. It's more like a broad category that encompasses a whole vast array of different jobs.

csi investigating crime scene

A CSI at a Crime Scene

To become a crime scene investigator, then, is really to become a detective, to become a latent fingerprint analyst, to become an FBI agent, to become a police evidence technician, or forensic photographer, or any one of a large number of other jobs.

So your first task is to narrow it down.

What is it about being a crime scene investigator that draws you?

Work in a lab? Talking with people? Being in the field? Getting your hands dirty? Keeping them clean?

Once you have a better idea of what your focus might be, then you'll discover that to become a crime scene investigator is easy as pie.

Become a Criminalist: Choose Your Path

So, you've already picked your destination. And you certainly know the place from which you're starting this grand journey.

Now, all that's left to do is to plot out the route you're going to take to get from Point A to Point Z, from your old life to your new one, from humdrum to happiness.

online degrees

What you need, first and foremost, is an education.

Fortunately, there are options you can consider that won't disrupt your daily and nightly lives too severely. And these options are called online schools.

By earning your degree from an Internet-based institution, you can become a crime scene investigator quickly, easily, cheaply, and without turning your world upside-down.

The path from your former self to the new you is much less fraught with dangers (both financial and psychological) if you direct your path along the curriculum of online colleges like:

  • Rasmussen College
  • Everest College
  • American InterContinental University
  • Argosy University
  • University of Phoenix
  • And many, many more

Find a School!

Think a career in criminology is for you?

Then start here & find a school for you!

We've helped so many people create a new world for themselves, one in which they're happier both with work life and home life. You can have that, too!

All it takes is a will and a way. You have the way. Now muster up the will!

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