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Guide to Criminal Justice Careers & Online Degrees

Careers in criminal justice are stable, fun & secure. Learn how to obtain a criminology degree online & discover the best forensic science & criminal justice careers.

You don't need to spend 20 years of your life slaving away to corporate America. Sure, it may not seem bad in the beginning.

You'll make a comfortable living, take leisurely vacations to Mexico, have a nice home and live a comfortable life. It probably may even seem stable, right?

You might think you have it all--but what about when you have kids and have to send them to childcare when they are 3 months old?

Your dream job may not seem so dreamy anymore.

Purpose of

crime scene investigator works a crime scene

At, we are the Internet's number one site for researching vairous criminal justice careers.

We strongly believe that a career in criminal justice offers the kind of job stability, paid time off, and retirement packages that people need for a fulfilling career and life. Especially in an unsure economy like this.

  • Think you might like to be a CSI? Crime scene investigators have exciting, stimulating careers.
  • How about a paralegal? You still have a cozy desk job but with the knowledge that you're helping the world
  • More into the science aspect of things? Forensic science careers have you digging through the evidence, trying to piece together a story from bits of evidence

After researching your options, you may find out that a criminal justice career would be perfect for you!

  • Great benefits
  • Great pay
  • Great time off with your kids

What more could you ask for?

The best way to get started on your path to a career in criminal justice is with a degree. At Criminology, we are here to educate you on both your career & education options.

students getting online education

Did you know that you could get a criminal justice online degree in your spare time while simultaneously pursuing your new career?

We know, we know.. getting an online criminology degree seems sketchy, right?

What employer would hire someone with an online degree?

Well, ends up there are lots out there! With typical college degrees costing so much, getting an online degree (in our opinion) is considered a smart, prudent step these days.


We hope you enjoy Criminology Degree and use this site to inspire you.

Feel free to bookmark it and come back to use this site as your guide to criminal justice careers and online degrees. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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